Vital statistics
Title 1337 Haxx0r
Gender Male
Character Fox
Status Hacker

1337f0x is a benevolent hacker who helps the protagonist throughout Smashtasm's two series. Although fluent in the leet language, he admits to be fully capable of speaking normal English, something he takes up properly in the second series. He first appeared in the first episode of season one, but continued to appear in nearly subsequent episode as a main character. He is voiced by ShadowFox014.

Physical AppearanceEdit

1337f0x and Super64

1337f0x and Super64 meeting for the first time.

1337f0x uses Fox's default appearance, suggesting the player is a Star Fox series fan. This could also be assumed to apply to his former friend and main arch-enemy (and series one's antagonist) Greg, who makes use of Falco.


Being a hacker 1337f0x primarily communicates in 1337speak, but admits to being perfectly capable of speaking normal English (explaining that he chooses not to because the fans love it). Although a skilled hacker and player, he uses hacks as entertainment and as a method of preventing his arch-enemy and former partner Greg from dominating Melee. 1337f0x also appears to be aware that Smashtasm is a series - he frequently breaks the fourth wall, a commonly used joke thereafter:

  • "Wait, if you could speak English the whole time, why'd you only start now?"
  • "Are you kidding? The fans lovez it when I talkz in 1337!"

Character BiographyEdit

Early DaysEdit

  • "Long story short: We wuz friends, turned evil, we had a fight, I winz, he wuz banned."- 1337f0x, Season 1, Episode 5

1337f0x has the most extensive history of any of Smashtasm's protagonists. He originally hacked Melee with his best friend Greg, which he described as being "great fun"; however this friendship soon disintergrated when Greg began getting evil intentions and began planning to use hacks to defeat all of the pros. 1337f0x, being a fair player reported this to the admins, but Greg had hacked the game so much that they had become powerless to stop him. After a big battle between the two, 1337f0x won, and kicked Greg off.

Meeting Super64Edit

  • "Lawlz, you n00b!" - 1337f0x, Season 1, Episode 1

After being attacked by Killa7, Super64 crash landed in Corneria where 1337f0x wordlessly challenged him to a match. After 1337f0x let Super64 K.O. him(which he didn't know) and, after complimenting his victory, 1337f0x explained what a tournament scheme was and returned him to Hyrule Temple.


  • "If you'z is after the kid, youz gonna have to go thru me!" - 1337f0x, Season 1, Episode 3

Challenged by pro-player BlakBerri, Super64 (falsely, as for some reason his subsequent flashbacks of 1337f0x were always inaccurate) remembered that 1337f0x told him to call for help if he needed. His decision worked and 1337f0x arrived and challenged BlakBerri to a match. An epic offscreen battle ended in a tie between the two, and, after they commenting about how much of a n00b Super64 was, 1337f0x joined Super64 on the hunt for Killa7. When queried about the fate of Link, who had gotten in the way, 1337f0x claimed that it was "taken care of" - it is eventually revealed Link had been sent to the realm of KingKirb.


  • "Oh noes! It's Greg!" - 1337Fox, Season 1, Episode 4

1337Fox speaking to an admin in a flashback.

After locating and losing Killa7 in the Great Bay, Super64 and 1337f0x were challenged by Greg. In order to help Super64, 1337f0x recalled the story of he and Greg's past before sending Super64 away so he wouldn't get hurt. He then challenged Greg to a rematch, which he loses. The two then challenged each other to a fight with their best hacks, but when they tried to use their hacks on themselves, the server crashed. Eventually they decided on a new plan - to find players who could fight for them, using their hacks. But there were conditions; they had to be people they knew, and they had to be people who "sucked" at the game. Luckily for 1337f0x, he knew one such player.

The Hacks ChallengeEdit

  • "Don't youz getz it, Super64? I'm evil now! Muhahahahaha!"
  • "(gasp) Really?"
  • "Lawlz. No, but you should have heard yourself when you thought I was." - 1337f0x and Super64, Season 1, Episode 9

Just when Super64 was going to take his revenge on Killa7, 1337f0x intervened and, after pretending to be evil (for the lawlz), informed his friend of his fight with Greg and the resulting bet. 1337f0x chose Super64 as his trainee whilst Greg literally took Killa7 under his wing. Super64 was introduced to MewZERO for training in preparation for the final showdown.

Gambling FoxEdit

  • "Don't worry, Super64. I believes in you!"
  • "Woah. Do you really mean that, 1337Fox?"
  • "Lulz. No. But if I sayz it's enough, you'll think it's true." - 1337f0x and Super64, Season 1, Episode 10

Realizing that Greg was still evil and unlikely to honour a loss, 1337f0x made one final bet with him - whoever lost the match would be perma-banned, along with the person who fought for them using their hacks. Greg agreed and after a long fight, Killa7 supposedly won. As Greg gloated and 1337f0x started panicking, Super64 made a comeback using his Super Cape and defeated Killa7. As expected, Greg refused to be banned, but Super64's friends showed up and together they easily defeat the hacker. Super64 then made a speech about friendship and skill as the credits started to roll. 1337f0x then interrupted asking if that's how Super64 really planned to end the series, and when Super64 asked what he would suggest, he simply responded with "Lulz." This is the final line of the season.

Life in BrawlEdit

  • "That's 1337f0x. He's a hacker, but he's helped Super64 defeat other hackers in the past and gained his friendship. This is a bit of a paradox in a number of ways, being that hackers are supposed to be evil or something... It doesn't really make sense, but I don't care, I'm the narrator." - The Narrator, Season 2, Episode 1

1337f0x disguises himself as Gront while Lamp assumes the identity of "Lump".

1337f0x also appears in Season 2 of Smashtasm as a main character. He first appears in Skyworld where Super64 was sent to find a hacker. Both recap after not seeing each other for months, which could be presumed as bait for Girem6's plan. After deciding that nothing could happen to them (especially not right now) both he and Super64 are kidnapped by mysterious players Grant and Gront. 1337f0x is locked in a holding cell alongside Lamp (who seemingly arrived willingly), being guarded by an unnamed Dark Pit player. The Dark Pit tells him to log out, but when he logs back in again he is still in the cell. The Dark Pit leaves and 1337f0x gets Lamp to change his costume. The Dark Pit returns and, in the guises of Gront and "Lump", 1337f0x and Lamp trick him and escape.

As they are running along they hear cries for help above them, and after investigating meet up with their friend Link. Link sees him in his disguise and assumes has become evil, but 1337f0x informs him of their disguises as he frees Link from his cell. Link begins to discuss how he remembers doing a similar thing (but then realizes he doesn't really) before then continuing on his way (participating in a short "Yipee" competition with Lamp as he leaves). 1337f0x and Lamp are captured by Girem6 (whom Link barely escaped). Link promises to help them, but gets distracted by a flying nut and chases it off.

New Traveling PartnerEdit

  • "'That's true. We should be fighting right now." - 1337Fox, Beans

NOTE: This section takes place in "Beans," a crossover between Smashtasm, Brawlgasm, and Wolf's Retarded Mission. Whether it's canon or not has not been established by Shippiddge, GuitarmasterX7 or DexterBoy.

After Brawl's release, 1337f0x is talking to Super64 when a portal suddenly appears and Super64 is Falcon Punchedin. 1337f0x asks Captain Falcon who he is but is instead Falcon Punched away him self. Later, 1337f0x meets the Brawlgasm Snake, whom he decides to travel with because he had become bored since Super64 left. On their travels the duo runs into Pimpachu, who Snake tries to eat. After Snake leaves, Pimpachu tells 1337f0x he can hang out with him, to which he replies "Lulz" and leaves himself, upsetting Pimpachu. Later, the duo meets Lamp who Snake attempts to interrogate, mistaking his stupidity for masterful information concealment. Then, they meet MewZero, who is now Luzerio, who Snake argues with over honor and blows up.

Finally, Snake finds a way to get back to his own dimension. After he leaves 1337f0x says, "Goodbye Snake, I'll miss you." Lamp then appears and asks why, and 1337f0x replies "Lulz, I don't know" to which they both laugh.

Later Super64 returns and starts giving a speech to 1337f0x over how real their world is, only to find he had departed mid-speech.



"Where's 1337f0x!?" - Super64, Episode 1, Season 2


Super64 and 1337Fox in the Christmas Special.

Super64 and 1337f0x meet in the first episode, and after a brief fight, Super64 defeats a barely trying 1337f0x and is complimented on his ability. During Super64's battle with BlakBerri, Super64 calls for help (as his flashbacks inform him that 1337f0x had old him to call for help if needed) and 1337f0x battles BlakBerri instead. From this point on, 1337f0x seems to portray a "big brother" role towards Super64.

Lamp Edit

"Stop saying that!" - 1337f0x, Season 2, Episode 3

Lamp and 1337f0x have a strange relationship as shown in season 2 when they are both captured and held in a cell together. At one point Lamp began beating 1337f0x (after remembering a false memory with what would appear to be a taller King of Dinnertopia, telling him to "punch him as hard as [he could] and then [he would] be free... free forever!"), and at another he takes up adding " bed" to his friend's sentences.

Link Edit

"Link?" - 1337f0x, Season 2, Episode 3

1337f0x and Link are friends to a certain extent. 1337f0x originally threw Link into a trap with many Kirbies due to his being annoying, but in Season 2 he helps Link escape from Girem6's lair. 1337f0x was recaptured along with Lamp, but Link went to get help (getting distracted along the way).


  • In season one, his rival Greg played as Falco even though Fox and Falco are partners in the StarFox games. However, this could be because 1337f0x and Greg were partners before Greg turned evil, or that there wasn't a Star Fox antagonist available at the time.
  • 1337f0x ceases to use 1337 in season two, although this could probably be due to nobody understanding him (besides Greg) in season 1 except for episodes 9 & 10, where Super64 seems to. This inability to understand 1337 is echoed in BlakBerri's character, where she assumes 1337f0x is insulting Super64, even though she cannot understand him.
  • In season two, Lamp appears to be unable to pronounce 1337f0x's name - instead calling him "thirteen thirty-seven F-Zero X". This could be a different example of a character (or non-hacker) understanding 1337.
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