Alan is Girem6's assistant. He helps Girem6 by showing up media from the screen, often to find out where Super64 is. He doesn't always obey orders from Girem6 and does what he wants to do like watching TV from the screen. One time, Alan changes the monitor to a show called "I got it brawl! on tape" which shows embarassing moments, and this one shows Girem6 admiring a Jigglypuff. He plays as a texture hacked Yoshi.

Trivia Edit

  • Sometimes when he speaks he will say at first "Raargghh".
  • He doesn't always obey Girem6's orders and he doesn't care of the consequences of disobeying


  • He is based on the dinosaur "Tyrannosaurus Alan" from the Volvic water commercial.
  • He is apparently British and has the accent, too.

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