Warning: All voiceactor profiles contain spoilers which could negatively influence a new watcher of the series.

Mathew Bertram (also known by his username Autobot71Ironhide) is the voice of Pimpachu throughout Smashtasm (series one). He also voices Pimpachu in Matt Vargas' "The Chronicles Of Pimpachu and Lamp" series, as well as for Pimpachu's short appearance in Beans. Shippiddge reported that Autobot had only gotten a part in the series because he wouldn't leave him alone until he had gotten a position.

Autobot is 15 years old, and his character is known for cursing and pretending to be of African American decendence. In Smashtasm he's known by most of the characters (1337f0x, Lamp and PrinceRok, amongst others), but in the series he hasn't got many actual friends - he admits this through stating, "I just want friends, dawg" in his small scene of Beans. Pimpachu is depicted as a Red Coloured Pikachu.

Bye Bye IronhideEdit

  • Autobot is extremely unpopular among the machinima community, especially to Shippiddge, causing Pimpachu to get the boot altogether in Smashtasm (season two).
  • Despite what many have said, Pimpachu might again be a character in Smashtasm. Shippiddge is undergoing heavy consideration. It is unconfirmed whether Autobot will be voicing his character once again, as he has since undergone puberty and had been previously fired.

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