BongoWW in the Stream Election Edit

BongoWW was a candidate in the Smashtasm Stream ownership election. His main supporters were the random streamers that were told to watch the policy video, and unpopular non-mods. He received 23 votes, compared to EvilShipp's 70, and SSBVET's 49. He is not admin, or mod, and was the most popular underdog, followed by BrawlerDude93.

Campaign Edit

BongoWW has admitted to having told random people to vote for him, and being an idiotic annoyance. "Yeah sorry guys, that was annoying" --BongoWW. Bongo also had a video entitled "Bongo! FTW!", a soundless video showing written policies and a self portrait. Cayck made fun of this in a video promoting SSBVET, which Bongo addmitted to be slightly accurate. His main supporters were: NeonTogepi, VolcanoClaw, Milhousefan, and others as well. After Shipp told him he had 12 votes he went on a mad rampage, earning 11 votes, and 10 subscribers.

Background Edit

BongoWW is the maker of the unpopular series "The British Monkeys" featuring MS paint and bad accents, originating from a part of another unpopular series, "Upon Request" , the first of which was requested by Theinternetmaster1, who threatened to "Eat [BongoWW's] telescope" if it was not made. He is otherwise unheard of, but has started a logomaking business, and may be making a machinima. In the newest Stream, he quickly befriends random streamers by either annoying them into laughter or just being that charismatic idiot we all know and love. He isn't a mod or admin (or as he would say, "modmin") but he plans to campaign for Admin 10. (er... I'm going to have to think of a better name, 10 doesn't sound like a year, it sounds like I'd be the 10th admin...).

By the way, this is BongoWW, and I wrote most of those insults. Don't believe me? Ask the dishes! (oh... oh, I'm so sorry! Ahh! That was so lame! Dumb crippled joke!)

Quotes Edit

  • "What the Finland?"
  • "Vote bingo
    I mean Bongo"
  • "I'm going to drum on your head... WITH A STETHESCOPE!"
  • "zoobdeebadeebop"

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