(Intro theme)

Singers: One is a fox, and the other's a bird. Together, they are Grant & Gront!

(Screen opens to Grant and Gront's house with waterfalls fall into the water. Gront was making a cake, while he was singing. Grants appears to ask Gront something.)

Grant: Hey, Gront. I'm heading to the--

(Gront was still making a cake.)

Grant: What are you doing?

Gront: Oh, hey, Grant. I'm making a cake.

Grant: is that possible? We're in a game.

Gront: Oh, this is no ordinary cake. It's made with the..(deep voice with red eyes glowing)..SOULS OF THE DAMNED!!

Grant: Wow. How did you get those?

Gront: Oh, I just went to the outside of local dam and stole everyone's shoes.

(Drums beat)

Grant: Uh, whatever. I'm going to the store. Do you want me to pick up anything, while I'm out?

Gront: Actually, I'm glad you asked. You see, my cake needs one final ingredient, before I can finish it. A Red sunset egg.

Grant: What's a Red sunset egg?

Gront: Well, it's actually a long story. You see, a long time ago, there was this powerful king that whould over the fast land we know today as mexyco. Now, the king was rather unaptrosive meaning always wanted more land. So, he spent years crossing the seven seas of an mexyco conqering every land he came across. Soon, the king ruled all mexyco, including new mexyco. But, that wasn't enough for him. He could never be satified of mexyco, alone. So, he set out on a quest across the Atlantic Ocean. But then he died. The End.

Grant: Wait. what, what did that story have anything to do with the Red sunset egg?

Gront: Oh, right. Also, the king liked to eat Red sunset eggs. The End. So, could you pick one up for me?

Grant: I don't think they're going sell those.

Gront: Well, then, I guess I'll have to spoon you while you sleep!

Grant: What?!

Gront: I said, I guess we'll have to go without cake.

Grant: I don't think that's what you said the first time.

Gront: Of course, I didn't. I'm not even real! (dissapears)

Grant: What the?! It--how did he? Uh.......I guess I'll go to the store, now?

Gront: (dressed up as Swiper) Don't forget the egg!

Grant: How are you doing that?!

Gront: (sped up voice)

Grant: Alright, I'll get your stupid egg for you. Sheesh.

(Grant goes to the store.)

(At the dam)

Larry: Man, I really wish that guy haven't stolen our shoes.

(Larry's friend appears)


Larry: Well, I--I--

Larry's friend: SHUT UP, LARRY!!!!!! GOD DAMN IT!!

(at the Equestrian Center)

Shopkeeper: Hello. Welcome to the store. What can I get for you?

Grant: Hey, are there any new unlockables of albuasum tune?

Shopkeeper: Eh, nope. Sorry.

Grant: Eh, I thought so. Oh, well.

Shopkeeper: Is there anything else I can help you with?

Grant: Actually, there is. Do you guys have any......uh....Red sunset eggs?

Shopkeeper: Of course, we do!

Grant: Wow. Really?

Shopkeeper: Yeah, yeah! I'll get you one from the back of the store.

Grant: Well, go.

(Grant and The Shopkeeper wait for about 4 seconds.)

Grant: Well, aren't you going to go get it?

Shopkeeper: Get what?

Grant: The Red sunset egg?

Shopkeeper: What's a Red sunset egg?

Grant: You just said you had some in the back of the store.

Shopkeeper: This isn't a store.

Grant: What?! Th--th--that sign clearly says, Store!

Shopkeeper: Yeah, that's because it's where we store things.

Grant: So, what is this place, then?

Shopkeeper: This is a store. Can't you read?

Grant: I thought you just said it wasn't a store!

Shopkeeper: No, I said it wasn't the Equestrian Center!

Grant: A what?!

Shopkeeper: Look, I don't have time to answer all your questions. I'm a very busy man. Now, are you gonna buy somethin' or not?

Grant: I'm trying to buy a Red sunset egg!

Shopkeeper: Sorry, but this is the Equestrian Center. We don't sell those, here.

Future: Hey, can I get a Red sunset egg?

Shopkeeper: Sure, here you go.

Future: Thanks.

Grant: Hey! Why did that guy get one?!

Shopkeeper: What guy?

Grant: (groans) I'd like to speak to your supervisor.

Shopkeeper: (sigh) Alright. Hold on, a minute.

(Shopkeeper came down there, and then the supervisor came.)

Supervisor: Yes, I am the supervisor.

Grant: You're not the supervisor! You're the same guy who was just talking to!

Supervisor: I don't know what you're talking aboot. Now You're scaring away the customers. I'd like to kindly ask you to leave this Equestrian Center.


Shopkeeper: See? I told you this guy was trouble!

Supervisor: You are right! I'd better call the police! POLICE!!

Policeman #1: What?

Supervisor: This man is trying to rob our store!

Policeman #1: Hey, that's the guy that's been taking everyone's shoes!

Grant: No, no, it's, uh....not--

Policeman #2: Let's get him!

Grant: Uh Oh.

(Grants runs away, and policemen chased after him. Grant steals future's Red sunset egg, and he he runs out of the store. Grant and the policemens chased across the Delfino Plaza, and the city. Grant almost fall off the building, and the policemens appears. The policeman tries to shoot Grant, but he jumps off the building. Grant hang on two other buildings and he ran again. Grant climbs up the mountain where it has the waterfall, and he ran. The policemens climbs up the mountain, and they chased after him. Grant ran at the Mario Circuit, and the perverted savior speaks to him under the road.)

Perverted Savior: Psst, over here.

Grant: Who are you?

Perverted Savior: You need to hide! Quick! Get inside me!

Grant: I don't like the sound of this.

Peverted Savior: Come on!

(Perverted Savior swallows Grant to hide, and the policemen appears.)

Policeman #2: I think we lost the perv. There's no one here about this fat kid. Well, there's no such in try to find a no. We best go home and spoon or something.

(Policemen walks away, and they're gone. Perverted Savior spits out Grant.)

Grant: Hey, thanks for that. I thought it was done for.

Perverted Savior: Don't sweat it. The pleasure's all mine.

Grant: We, I--

Perverted Savior: Aaaall miiiine.

Grant: Y--you? Eh, well, if you, eh--

Perverted Savior: If you know what I mean.

Grant: I don't think I want to.

Perverted Savior: And I think you do.

Grant: I'm leaving, now.

(At Grant and Gront's house, Grant came with Gront.)

Grant: Well, Gront, it took a lot of effort. But, I finally got you that Red sunset egg. Now, you can finally finish that cake.

Gront: What cake?

Grant: The--the one you needed that egg to finish?

Gront: Oh, that. Yeah, I was never actually making a cake. I made the whole egg story up.

Grant: WHAT?!?!

Gront: Yep, no cake. I lied. Ha-ha! Get it?

Grant: (sighs angrily) Yeah. I got it.

Gront: It's a reference.

Grant: I know the reference.

Gront: Too portal.

Grant: Yes, Gront. I've heard it.

Gront: The cake is a lie.

Grant: I KNOW!!

Gront: That's where it's from.

(Grant grabs Gront painfully)

Grant: SHUT UP!! DAMN IT!!

Larry's friend: HEY, YOU!!

(Grant let go to Gront, and Gront turns around.)


(To be continued...right now.)

Gront: Nope.

Larry's friend: Damn it!

(End Credits)

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