The Christmas Special for the current cast of Season 2.


Super64 is on Yoshi's Island with Lamp, wishing Lamp a Merry Christmas. Lamp replies, "Lamp! Merry Christmas, Super64! I got you a gift." He brings out a box and smashes it, to reveal a pair of socks. Super64 thanks him, but is annoyed by Lamp's obsession with the fuzzy footwear.

Pakkery comes by, holding a 'package' (Pitfall Seed) for Super64. Super64 wishes him a Merry Christmas, and goes to get a present for Pakkery, who tosses the seed away. Pakkery tries to open the box and states he can't, before Super64 tells him the present is a box, and that he can carry more packages with it. Pakkery takes this as a one-sided view, and Super64 tosses the box and points out 'Santa' who Pakkery knows is King Dedede in red. Super 64 repeats it, and Pakkery comes by to marvel him before being struck and sent flying.

Meanwhile, Grant is on a Custom Stage, waiting around, before Gront comes by, saying that he got Grant a gift. Grant asks what it is, and while Gront plays mind games with him he gets out a Smart Bomb, which Grant knows what it is and shouts it before Gront says "Here you go!" and throws it to him. Grant catches it at the last second and thanks Gront. Pakkery finishes his fly and lands on Grant, blowing up his 'gift' and ending the special with a song sung by the cast.

Ending SongEdit

Super64: Deck the halls with boughs of holly
1337f0x: Lololololol, lolololol
Grant: Tiz the season to be jolly
1337f0x: Lololololol, lolololol
Gront: Don we now our gay apparel
Super64: Hah! You said gay!
Gront: My God, I cannot believe you just said that.
Super64: Haha! Gay!
1337f0x: Lololololol, la-lololol!