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Dr. Ryan Derek Flint
"VET beats off girls with a stick. Deku beats off wannabes with his NINJA MOVES"
Vital statistics
Title DekuScrubby
Gender Male
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Status Moderately Popular

DekuScrubby is the voice actor for Tyrannosaurus Alan in Season Two. He is notable for making his own Machinima on his channel.

The Voices of the ScrubbletonEdit

  • Commandos: Brawl Police: Snake
  • Smash Adventures: Himself
  • Smashtasm Stream: Himself
  • Fatty Wario: Pit
  • Brawltube: Himself
  • Smashtasm: Tyrannosaurus Alan


  • Voices Himself in too many things.
  • Nearly all characters he voices are yellow.
  • Has a strange desire for moar Pepsi.

Related Links Edit

Deku's Youtube

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