Grant, as he appears in the first episode of season two.
Vital statistics
Title The Smarter Grunt
Gender Male
Character Falco
Status Grunt

Grant is a low-level grunt who captured Super64 in Episode One of Smashtasm (season two) under Girem6's orders. Grant plays Falco and works alongside a second low-level grunt named Gront, who plays the corresponding Fox. Grant is quite competent, as he never revealed anything when interrogated by Super64 (Gront did that however). Despite his constant denial, he is implied to be a homosexual (strengthened by the fact finds Lamp speed-crouching strangely "arousing". In addition, Gront mentions something about Grant flirting on an "all man server", which Grant claims was an accident as he was not informed of who was on it). Grant has complete loyalty in his boss, even withstanding torture and difficult tasks. Whenever Gront says something stupid, however, Grant gets beaten up.


More than just Grunts?Edit

"Mods are powerless against us!"
"Yeah, 'cuz we're gay!"
"Exactly! Wait, what? We're not gay!"
"Really? But don't we go around kidnapping people..?"' - Grant and Gront, Season 2, Episode 1

After Gront captures 1337f0x and is tossed off the stage by Super64, Grant arrives and knocks Super64 out. Later, at their hideout, Grant and Gront appear to gloat. As Grant is talking to Super64 about how he can't escape, Gront mentions the two of them are gay, causing Grant to go into denial (Gront then explains he has a hard time telling the difference between being 'kidnappers' and being 'gay.' Grant assures him that they are really not gay).

Soon, Lamp shows up to distract the two. He speed-crouches over and over, announcing that he is distracting them. Grant finds this amusing. When an unnamed Snake player appears and frees Super64 (just to snap his neck), Super64 escapes and interrogates Grant, who tries to lie about their business (only to be repeatedly 'corrected' by Gront). Grant is then tossed off the stage, with Gront running after him.

Christmas SpecialEdit

"That's not a present. That's a Bomb!!" - Grant, Season 2,Christmas Special

Grant is seen groaning about the holidays when Gront comes in and says he got him a present. When Grant asks where is it, Gront replies with "It's not so much a 'where' as it is a 'what'," which confuses Grant. When Gront finds his present, which happens to be a Smart Bomb, and throws it at Grant, who, after a slow-mo dramatic moment catches it and admits it was a nice present. At that time Pakkery falls in, activating the Bomb.

Confronting the bossEdit

"Gront, I told you not to say anything stupid!" - Grant, Season 2, Episode 2

The first time Grant and Gront are seen in the second episode of season two, they are approaching Girem6, their boss, in order to report Super64's escape. Grant tells Gront not to say anything stupid, as he wants to keep this job, prompting Gront to begin using his "serious voice".

After a disturbing, serious joke (regarding sexism stereotypes) made by Gront, they head for Girem6. Grant tries to lie and explain how Super64 escaped, but Gront, again, tells the truth. Grant is eventually pounded on by a Dark Bowser, as punisment for their failure. Girem6 goes on to inform them that failing is not an option, to which Gront explains how failure can't be eliminated as an option. Grant is blamed for his companion's impertinence. Grant protests, to which Girem6 explains the one will recieve punishment for the other's behaviour, to which Grant makes a negative comment about Girem6's boots in order to get Gront back. Girem6, however, blames Gront for the comment and Grant is punished once again. Eventually the conversation turns back to Grant and Gront being gay.

They aren't seen again until the end of the episode, when they are all maliciously laughing at the intended fate of Super64. Lamp somehow appears and joins in, to which Girem6 asks "Hey, how did you get in here?". Lamp swiftly replies, "I think the better question is: How did here get in me?" and Gront smugly comments that he thought Grant would like to know more about the answer to that question, which starts another round of "questioning" Grant and Gront's relationship. Eventually Lamp is taken away by the Dark Bowser and imprisoned.

The TapeEdit

"WHY IS THIS ALWAYS HAPPENING TO ME, OHHHH?!" - Grant, Season 2, Episode 3

The duo aren't seen again until the end of episode three, when they are watching Super64 on the monitor. Gront asks Tyrannosaurus Alan to change the channel and despite Girem6's refusal, Alan changes it, and an embarrassing video of Girem6 admiring a dancing Jigglypuff is played on the displayed channel ("I Got It Brawl on Tape!"). Girem6 becomes enraged, and at that moment, the announcer thanks Grant for sending in the video. As Grant tries to explain he didn't send in the tape, Gront comes in to help Grant, by saying that Grant is way too dumb to have pulled the act off. Grant gets mad and in order to prove he could have pulled it off if he wanted to, he elaborately explains the steps involved. Too late, he realizes he had only made his situation worse and Girem6 then proceeds to beat him up offscreen. Almost immediately afterwards, the announcer apologizes for getting the name wrong, and ascertains it was in fact Gront who had sent in the tape.

Off DutyEdit

"Macho, Macho Man!" - Grant and Gront Season 2 Episode 4 Dance Scene

The only appearance of the two in episode four is when Grant is admiring himself in a mirror in Luigi's Mansion. Gront arrives and enquires if Grant realizes that he is looking into the two-way cam connected up to Girem6's monitor. When Grant asks if he was serious, Gront admits he was kidding. They almost remember to protect the detonator piece that Super64 and Princess H are after, but somehow get caught up singing Macho Man (this scene was removed from the final episode due to copyright issues). Afterwards, it is revealed that it was in fact a two-way cam, and Girem6 had been watching the entire scene.


  • Both Grant and Gront's names are a play on the word "grunt".
  • Though many people interpret Grant and Gront as homosexual (including Gront himself), Ohmadon, who provides the voice for both characters, has stated that he does not intentionally play them that way.
  • It's unknown how Grant knocked out Super64 considering that it's an online game.

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