Smashtasm Greg

Greg introduces himself.

Greg is the main antagonist of Smashtasm Season 1, first appearing near the end of episode 4. He plays as a green Falco. Greg has evil intentions to hack the servers and become unstoppable. He, like 1337Fox, is fluent in English and leet-speak. He once was friends with 1337Fox, until he suddenly spawned the evil intentions. An admin attempted to ban him, but his hacks were too strong for the admin to overcome. 1337Fox soon defeated Greg, and had him banned. Sometime after these events, he somehow managed to un-ban himself, and returned to challenge 1337Fox. In episode 9, he was given the challenge of training Killa7 to be capable of defeating Super64. In episode 5 of Smashtasm season 2, Girem6 reveals to Super64 that he is Greg.
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