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Vital statistics
Title The Stupid Grunt
Gender Male
Character Fox
Status Grunt

Gront is a low-level grunt, who captured 1337Fox but then gets defeated by Super64 in Episode One of Season Two. Gront plays Fox. He works alongside Grant, and can be absentminded and stupid at times (though nowhere near as dumb as Lamp), such as innocently revealing the boss' plot to Super64 while Grant was trying to cover it up and not understanding the consequences. He got the words gay and kidnappers mixed up, however Grant has shown evidence of homosexuality. He seems to retreat whenever Grant is defeated.

Character BiographyEdit

Idiot, better known as Gront Edit

  • "OK, run away." -Gront, Episode 1, Season 2

Gront is first seen capturing 1337f0x. Super64 KOs him, but he himself is caught by Grant. When Super64 wakes up in the holding cells, Grant shouts at him, then Gront adds to it by saying that he and Grant are gay. Grant argues with him, saying that they're not gay, but Super64 abides by gay, saying "Hey, gay guys. I don't care. You're letting me out of here right now." The argument continues, then the two are distracted by Lamp speed-crouching repeatedly (Gront actually shouts out "Woah, check out that guy! I'm completely distracted!"). Super64 is released from his cage by a Snake player, and interrogates Grant. He denies everything, but Gront gives everything up in a pseudo-Lamp catastrophe. Super64 tosses Grant away, and Gront willingly follows.

Serious McSeriouson Edit

  • "Okey dokey, pal!" - Gront, Episode 2, Season 2
  • "Gront! This is serious!" - Grant, Episode 2, Season 2
  • "Oh. (clears throat) Okey dokey, pal. I'm serious now. This is my serious voice." - Gront, Episode 2, Season 2

Gront and Grant are next seen returning to their base. Grant tells Gront not to say anything stupid, so Gront begins using a serious voice. After a retarted and disturbing serious and sexist joke on behalf of Gront, they confront Girem6. Grant stalls about Super64 when the boss asks about their job, but Gront repeats the pseudo-Lamp problem and confesses. Grant says he told him not to say anything stupid, but Gront states that he was just telling the truth, and "If I wanted to say something stupid I'd do something like this: (turns around and shakes his butt at Grant) Tikytakytikytakytikytakytoo!" Girem6 gets his guard, Dark Bowser, to hit Grant in response to this, then tells them that failure is not an option, to which Gront replies that failure can't be eliminated as a possibility, prompting Girem6 to command Dark Bowser to hit Grant twice more. Grant asks why he gets hit when Gront slips up, and Girem6 replies by saying that each of them willl be punished for the other's mistakes. Grant insults Girem6 to get back at Gront, but Grant is the one punished again. Girem6 pulls Super64 up on his monitor.

After watching Super64 wander around in New Pork City and fall into a trap, Girem6 laughs evilly with Grant and... Lamp? Girem6 asks "Hey, how did you get in here?," resulting in Lamp asking "How did here get in me?," and Gront remarking that Grant would like to know more about getting in him as well. After another Grant-Gront convo, Lamp is taken into custody.

I Got It BRAWL On Tape! Edit

  • "Why, Grant couldn't even set up his own Wii! He had to call the Nintendo Technical Help Line FIFTY TIMES. In FOUR DIFFERENT LANGUAGES." -Gront, Episode 3 Part 2, Season 2

The grunts aren't seen until the end of Episode 3, Part 2, where Girem6 is spying on 1337f0x and Lamp with the monitor, when Gront gets bored and tells Alan to change the channel. Alan obeys, against the will of Girem6. The channel changes to a show called I Got It BRAWL On Tape, which shows embarrasing replays. The first one shown is one is Girem6 admiring a dancing Jigglypuff. Embarrased, Girem6 angrily asks who sent in the tape. The TV announcer states that the replay was given by "Girem6's good buddy, Grant." Grant quickly tries to convince his boss that he didn't do it, and Gront tries to help by saying that Grant isn't smart enough to have pulled this off, saying that Grant could barely operate a VCR. Angry, Grant elaborately explains each one of the steps involved in the process to prove that he is smart enough to have done it. Too late, he realizes that he has made his situation worse. Girem6 proceeds to attack him offscreen. Almost immediately afterward, the announcer says that he made a mistake and that it was really Gront that sent in the tape.

Macho Man Edit

The duo are seen again in Episode 4, with Gront intruding upon Grant, who is looking at himself in a mirror and dancing, saying that he is "sexy." Grant quickly tries to cover it up, but Gront replies by saying that the mirror is two-way and projects straight onto Girem6's monitor. When Grant seems petrified with worry, Gront reveals he is kidding. He almost remembers to guard the detonator piece being searched out by Super64, but gets caught up saying "jog" in a musical rhythm, leading to him singing Macho Man with Grant. It is then revealed that the mirror really is two-way, and Girem6 saw the whole thing.


  • He may be smarter than he seems, framing Grant for sending an embarrassing video of Girem6 to I GOT IT! BRAWL ON TAPE! (because they mispronounced "Gront") by saying that Grant was so stupid, that "if you shake his head, you can hear the ocean" and getting Grant to elaborate on how he would gotten that footage.
  • Gront and Grant are both voiced by Ohmadon.
  • Gront's name is a play on the word "grunt".

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