A hack-ban is a fake ban that hackers are able to execute. Performing a hack-ban sends a designated player to a stage that banned players would usually be located. This stage (named DUMMY in the real Super Smash Brothers Melee) is always dark and may contain multiple players at any one time. Since a hack-banned player wasn't officially banned, they can escape through a gap in the stage.

Link and the Kirbys in the DUMMY arena.

1337Fox used a hack-ban on Link in the first season so as to be able to help Super64 defeat challenger BlakBerri. Link was sent to a area containing the previously-banned KingKirb and his cousins, however Link was able to find the hole and escape, after being pursued by the other inmates.

After the climatic showdown with Greg and Killa7, 1337F0x and Super64's side of the bet dictated the losing side be permanently banned, and so both Greg and his trainee were contained in the same cell with several of KingKirb's cousins. Greg swore vengeance as soon as he figured out how to escape the DUMMY stage.

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