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This wiki is about the series Smashtasm, created by Shippiddge, who makes the Smashtasm. It will contain all information about Smashtasm, Shippiddge, as well as Smastasm parodies and spin-offs. This site was created by BBsman5 who, at the moment, is inactive. Now, this wiki is administrated by Supercoolguy147 and Arceus3000

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What's new on Smashtasm Wiki

2-10-11/ Hasfarr Inactiveness

Sorry for the inactiveness. The wiki hasn't been active because, frankly, there's nothing to add. Also, we haven't gotten many visitors lately. Sorry for the inconvenience. (Also, this is my first update in almost two years.)

17-04-10/ TheHinHBroth

Well done to Ajraddatz for fixing the whole wiki and eradicating the ZeroVandals.

7-08-09/ Annoymous again. Episode 3

Yes, Episode 3 is out on Machinima, here is a quote from his YouTube account.

"Smashtasm Episode 3 is up on, but I'm not quite sure when it'll be on YouTube. From what Shipp told me, it was supposed to be up on Friday, so Machinima should be posting the episode sometime this weekend." -Tom Kitsune.

7-01-09/ Smashtasm Progress

Shippiddge recently announced his vacation. He also said that he will try his best to finish episode 3 before he leaves. Thirdly, Shipp said that he'll probably finish it tonight. Lastly, the new episode will be 15 minutes long (it's like getting two!).

5-18-09/ Supercoolguy147 Trivia does not mean obvious

You guys are adding obvious information to the trivia section. That's not what the trivia section is for! It's for stuff that isn't obvious!

4-19-09/ Hasfarr Rumors

It has been told to me by Autobot71Ironhide that Pimpachu might come back to Smashtasm. I am not sure about this, since he just went through puberty, and if Pimpachu was to come back, Shippiddge would have to do a big audition, which would take a while, causing a fanboy attack. (Which we hate) But for now, Episode 3 has its script done right now, so you guys should see the next episode in the coming future.

This is Hasfarr...

signing off.

4-18/09/ Supercoolguy147 PLEASE STAY!!

- If you're going to come here and edit, the least I could ask you is to stay! Don't make one measly edit and walk away. Make more edits! We don't want Smashtasm Wiki to be a graveyard. This is a community, not a walk-in clinic!

4-8/09/ Supercoolguy Un-Smashtasm wiki

For those of you who like to spam and put incorrect information, there is a wiki just for you! Un-Smashtasm Wiki is the place to be!

3-25/09/ Supercoolguy147 - A few changes...

Hello Smashtasm fans. I would like to inform you than BBsman5 has gave this Wiki to me. That means I'm in charge and we go by my rules. So that means only articles that are allowed here are Smashtasm-based articles and Smashtasm parodies. Articles on other Brawl Machinimas and useless articles are not allowed now! And you do not edit other people's posts on talk page and ESPECIALLY on this page. You will be blocked!

3-25/09/ Volcanoclaw - I would just like to say that we need all the help we can get with this wiki. As the story moves on, many new pages must be created and worked on such as characters, places, and voice actors. Even if you make just a couple of minor edits you will be helping out this site.

3-11/09/ Supercoolguy147 - There has been a lot of vandalism on articles. We need an admin to lock those vulnerable articles. Also please help by editing in the pages marked as a stub. And if you see a short article, mark it with {{stub}}.

1-18/09/ - Hello, I am here to update and let all those that come through here that the 2nd, yes the 2nd episode of Smashtasm is out, has been for a couple of days. However it is only on Machinima right now. And I hope someone will write something about it, as I can not watch it (Hard to explain why)


1-17/09/ LightBrawler - Since no one is around on the Wiki, I will make an announcement for people who DO come around. Smashtasm Season 2, Episode 2 will be held back a bit longer. All things are done except for filming and editing.

12-06-08/ Arceus3000- A few characters will not be appearing in Season 2.

I messaged Shippiddge on YouTube a while back to ask which characters would not be appearing in Smashtasm Season 2 and why. It is now CONFIRMED that Killa7, Pimpachu, BlakBerri, PrinceRok, and Greg will NOT be appearing in Season 2. The reasons are:

Killa7: Bad voice actor

Pimpachu: Annoying

BlakBerri: VA can't find a computer to voice act with

PrinceRok: Takes too long to get the voice recordings

Greg: "Why Greg is gone is revealed in Season 2."

Discuss on the Main Discussion and/or the characters' talk pages.

Featured article

Princess h

Princess H is a character seen in the second season of Smashtasm. For more info about her see her page.

Featured media

Pitfall Pakkery throws Super64's package off the side of the stage to receive his own present. For more info about him see his page.


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