Jim Sterling
Don't tell your brother... ;)
Vital statistics
Title Fat Fucking Fuck
Gender Male, I think. Can't really see under that fat.
Character Reverse-Color Fucking Fat Lazy Piece of Shit
Status Available ;)


Jim Sterling is the main protagonist in Smashtasm BS64: Before Chris Chan. He is also Chris Chan's older brother. He plays the original Sonic Colours before his brother plays Sonic Boom, and has just begun playing the game, gullible enough to fall for the same Sega Scheme that Chris Chan does.


Not much is known about Jim Sterling. He seems to just have joined Deviantart and, as such, is a fucking fat lazy piece of shit. He seems to be as gullible as his brother, Chris Chan, as he falls for the same Sega trick. His appearance is a fucking fat lazy piece of shit, but with a blue color variation, as opposed to his brother, who uses a grey/yellow variant of the same character.



Before working for Destructoid, he was a young small (in height) boy who worked with all his might on his latest Sonic Let's Gay Video's


His love for animals became... a bit much. So his mother sends him to Bel Air to normalize him.

His brother Chris Chan however was stuck in the basement.


Jim just loves cock, and lots of it.


  • Fuck her right in the pussy - Pillow-Chan


  • Sterling sounds fat, no suprise there.
  • A Sterling is always hungry. be wary of your surroundings.

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