Matt Vargas
"I'm going to see my mommy"
Vital statistics
Title NEWdumbich12345432
Gender Male
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Status He's Matt Vargas. Isn't that enough for you?

NEWdumbich123455432 (Matt Vargas) is the voice of Lamp on Smashtasm, and the creator of Smashtasm's Spin-off, "The Chronicles Of Pimpachu and Lamp" He also voices Baby Shippilton in Smashwalker. He's also the creator of a series made in MS Paint called "Life of Shy Guy".

The Life of Shy-GuyEdit


The Life of Shy-Guy is a series made in Microsoft Paint, and it's popularity was first gained with the help of Shippiddge, presenting latest episodes as his featured video on Youtube. It is flash animated in season 3. However it canceled after the second epsode of season 3.

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