In Smashtasm Season 2, there have been several references to other popular Brawl Machinima made by Shippidge's friends.

Wolf's Retarded Mission

  • In the beginning of Episode 2, Super64 and Lamp pass a Wolf and a Dark Captain Falcon player on the Lylat Cruise stage, a reference to when Wolf and Vixon met in Wolf's Retarded Mission.
  • In Episode 3, during Princess H's flashback of the player's she's taken down, one of them is a light blue Game & Watch repetively using their standard-A attack, similar to Mr. Game & Watch of Wolf's Retarded Mission. She also beats a Wolf on Lylat Cruise, likely the WRM Wolf.
  • Several clips from the series are shown on the opening of 'We got it BRAWL on tape!'
  • The replay of Girem6 being attracted by the Jiggypuff spinning is similar to the first episode of 'Wolf's Retarded Mission', when Wolf and his crew were watching Jiggly's mother on their radar. Both Jigglypuff were in the same costume.
  • At the end of 'Ask Lamp' in episode three, somebody asked Lamp if he thought Jiggly would "DESTROOOOY" him for stealing his feature. Lamp replied to not know what they were talking about.


  • Super64 and Lamp pass a pink Wario player punching a Sonic player, a running gag in the series.
  • In Princess H's flashbacks, she is seen beating a Red Snake, the costume Brawlgasm Snake wears.
  • Several clips from the series are shown on the opening of 'We got it BRAWL on tape!'

Smash King

  • Super64 and Lamp pass a Smash Ball powered Bowser facing of against a Lucario like in episode 5 of Smash King.


  • Meta Dark failing to make an evasion is similar to the Demon from Beans trying to run away but ending up in the same place, as they are both Dark Meta Knights.

Smash Fighter

  • In Princess H's fantasy, she envisions a Fox player being thrown into a hole. The Fox player is the same color of Tom in Smash Fighter, and is voiced by the creator, TomKitsune.