The Season 2 Prologue is an introduction to the second season of Smashtasm. The narrator, currently trying not to break the fourth wall, explains the plot of the first season, then explains that the servers of Smashtasm for Brawl were redesigned, and for the first time, Smahtasm was safe. Or was it? Then Super64 and some random voice interupt, which causes the narrator to get furious.


Long ago, it was said that a game was played together in an online server-based sect of Super Smash Brothers Melee called Smashtasm. Battles were fought; friends were made; it seemed like the perfect system.

But with that much freedom came consequences...

Within months, hackers began to arise from the online systems. Some merely hacked for fun. But some hacked for power. And the more power that was gained, the more that learned to gain it. Soon, admins had to be appointed to stop the new inflow of hackers. It worked at first, but their actions began to get repetitive, and the hackers learned to get around them. It seemed as though all hope was lost.

Until one day, one player by the name of Super64, armed with determination, was able to defeat Greg, the most malicious hacker of all. A new hope had arisen. The admins had gained enough confidence to regain control. Peace was returned to Melee.

On the advent of Brawl, the developers became aware of the various hackers that were to come. Smashtasm had been completely redesigned; trusted players were appointed to moderator positions; hacks were no longer applicable; admins were in control; and for the first time, Smashtasm was completely safe.

Or was it?

Super64: No, it wasn't.
Narrator: Uawgh. W-w-why did you have to say that?
Super64: Well what else would I say, "yes?" "Yes, it's competely safe. There's no evil at all, and everyone is happy. The End."
Random Voice: Hey guys. What's going on?
Super64: We're making a prologue.
Random Voice: Oh. That sounds really gay.
Narrator: How do people keep getting in here?
Random Voice: Front door.
Super64: Your mother is fat.
Narrator: Was that really neccessary?
Super64: Is your face neccessary?"
Random Voice: I'm pretty sure it is. He needs to breathe and everything.
Super64: You don't need a face to breathe!
Random Voice: Your mother needs a face to breathe.
Super64: Your mother is a face!
Narrator: SHUT, UP! Alright, {Clears throat}, anyway...

This is the story of Super64!

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