WARNING! CONTAINS SPOILERS!!! Shadowfox014 , or Travis is known as the creator and owner of Covenant Underground. He voices 1337f0x in Smashtasm. He's known for being the only person to make logos for nearly all the machinima's out there. He even would make one to this day if you paid him, although it's doubtful you'd want to. Even if not you'd still have a chance of getting it out. Shadow Fox is one of Shippiddge's personal friends, almost his better as it seems. He has nearly mastered the program "Adobe After Effects" and many more, just recently getting 3D max. He has an online hub where you may purchase either logo's or websites. He's voice acted in many shorts, as well as the collaboration "Beans."


ShadowFox014's Avatar

Covenant UndergroundEdit

ShadowFox first made the Covenant Underground. Shadowfox himself being the leader made the most of it; creating websites, logos, and many machinima's. Later joined by Blade and Newdumbitch12345432. The crew has made series such as Lost in paradise, Smashtasm, Quarantined, The Sidewinder Stories, Friendly Fire, The Crossfire Crew, The Modiverse, and Sonic Logic.

Covenant Underground

Covenant Underground's Logo

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