Smashtasm is a Super Smash Bros. Melee and Super Smash Bros. Brawl machinima series created by Shippiddge. It takes place in a fictional world, in which players of Smash Bros. battle against each other online in a server-based system. It is one of the few Smash Bros. machinimas to feature voices rather than text. Also, people apparently can't see behind them, which makes absolutely no sense because in Super Smash Bros. Melee and Brawl you can see the entire stage.


The Smashtasm Season 1 logo, made by ShadowFox014

Cast of Season 1


Cast of Season 2


Season 1

The plot follows a player under the name of Super64, who enters a server, thinking that he is participating in a tournament. Upon entering that server, he is hit by another player, who is revealed to be named "Killa7", and is sent flying off the stage.

Super64 recovers in a different server and meets a player named "1337f0x", who helps him return to the previous server so that Super64 can get his revenge on Killa7. When in that server, 1337f0x leaves him, and Super64 is confronted by a player named "Link", who, after much argument, forces Super64 to fight him. In the middle of the fight, Blakberri breaks into the server and proceeds to fight Link. Super64 thanks Blakberri for saving him, but accidentally says something offensive, causing Blakberri to challenge him to a fight. Super64 accepts the challenge, and is beat up mercilessly. He then calls 1337f0x for help. 1337f0x returns and battles Blakberri in a fight that results in a tie. Blakberri then suggests that Super64 should go to the server that Killa7 is currently hosting to catch him. He does so, and 1337f0x follows him. When they get to the server, Killa7 escapes.

Upon his escape, Greg enters the server. He and 1337f0x have a brief conversation, spoken completely in leet. 1337f0x then reveals that Greg is a former friend of his that turned evil and had to be banished by 1337f0x himself. Upon his return, Greg challenged 1337f0x to a rematch. Thinking that the server would crash if three people were in it combined with the various hacks installed, 1337f0x kicks Super64 out of the server.

Super64 recovers in a different server, where he is confronted by a player named "PrinceRok", who forces him to fight. After the fight, Super64 explains the entire plot so far to PrinceRok. PrinceRok proceeds to tell him that he will never catch Killa7 by simply going to his servers. He then enlists the help of his friend, Pimpachu. Super64 and PrinceRok proceed to Pimpachu's server, where it is revealed that Pimpachu has a "rap sheet" that has great information on Killa7 and is able transfer Super64 to his given location at any time. When Super64 tries to take it, Pimpachu demands that he get something in return, so he forces Super64 to battle his friend. If Super64 is to win this battle, he gets the rap sheet. If he loses, he must give the password to his account to Pimpachu.

Super64 then arrives in Hyrule Temple, where he battles Pimpachu's "homeboy," Lamp. Lamp beats Super64 out of his first life; however, Super64 throws a bomb to knock off a life from Lamp. The battle eventually goes down to one life each, and Super64 is knocked onto a cliff. However, before Lamp can defeat him, Link runs by, being chased by a horde of Kirbys; one of which who knocks Lamp off the edge, defeating him. Pimpachu gives Super64 the rap sheet.

Super64 then chases Killa7 through various servers, until eventually arriving at Hyrule Temple once again. However, before he can deal the final blow, he is stopped by none other then 1337f0x.

Greg appears and takes Killa7 away while 1337f0x tells him what's going on. While fighting against Greg, the two hackers tried to fight by using all of their hacks, but the servers froze every time, so they decided to each get a n00b they personally knew and train them. Whoever wins is the better haxor. 1337f0x gets MEWzero to train Super64, while Greg tries to train Killa7 himself.

Greg and 1337f0x both took their players to Final Destination where the two were to fight. 1337f0x realized that even if Super64 won, Greg would still be evil. 1337f0x decided to raise the stakes. The two who lost would be banned from the server. Greg and 1337f0x set their hacks to use on Super64 and Killa7. Killa7 turned into Giga Bowser, and Super64 had all of his moves 'souped up' (For instance, he could do an endless stream of fireballs if he rapidly hit B.) The two fought, but when they were tied, Killa7 knocked Super64 off the stage, making Super64 and 1337f0x banned. However, Super64 never had the "KO explosion" when he got knocked off the stage...

When Greg knocks down 1337f0x, he's about to use a final blow to ban him from Super Smash Bros. Melee, however, from under the stage, Super64 surprise attacks Killa7, and fatally hits him, ending the fight! When 1337f0x asks him how he lived, Super64 says he never died, he was hiding under the stage because of his Super Cape ability. He remembered that MewZERO once said that the cape would propel him forward. With his moves boosted, the new cape could soar him up to safety. Greg, however, refuses to jump off and be banned, engaging in saying he is Greg, and listens to no one. After he asks who can stop him, the question is answered. From out of nowhere, Blackberri, PrinceRok, Pimpachu, and Lamp all defeat Greg, banning him! MewZERO brought everyone, including Link, who didn't even know how he got there. Super64 then lectures about the importance of friends, and ends the story, with 1337f0x interrupting him, saying what he said was lame, and ends the story, saying "lulz."

After the credits roll, Greg is seen, swearing revenge on Super64, but is later revealed to be in the DUMMY stage, along with Killa7, stuck, listening to the two Kirby players repeatedly taunting.

Season 2

The season starts with the narrator, a rather unprofessional unseen character, introducing the main backstory. Super64, now a moderator, is on the Bridge of Eldin, telling his exploits to a red Ness, who escapes at the first opportunity. A messenger, Pakkery, who uses Pit, informs Super64 a hacker has been found. Super64 goes to his location, only to find it is 1337f0x. After catching up, a black Fox appears out of nowhere and kicks 1337f0x off the stage. Super64 does the same to the black Fox, but gets knocked out by a black Falco and taken to a block prison. The black Fox and black Falco are there. They call themselves Grant and Gront, and are "grunts" of the main villain. Super64 cannot escape, but he sees Lamp, which Grant and Gront do not notice. Super64 asks him to rescue him while he makes a distraction, but Lamp decides to make a distraction, providing no help to Super64. Luckily, a Snake comes along and rescues him, only to snap his neck and leave. However, Super64 is still able to escape, and interrogates Grant. Grant tries to hide it, but Gront stupidly reveals everything, including that the boss is holding 1337f0x hostage and is using other grunts in a similar server. Grant gets thrown off, while Gront runs away. Super64 decides to rescue 1337f0x, and Lamp joins him, much to Super64's annoyance. Super64 and Lamp go through various stages looking for 1337f0x, passing players and usually ending up on The Summit (icy mountains). Meanwhile, Grant & Gront return to Girem6's base after failing to hold in Super64. They meet him and Grant tries to explain their failure to their boss, while Gront, again, gives away the actual information, causing Girem6 to send his guard (a Shadow Bug version of Bowser) to attack Grant, followed by a conversation of Grant and Gront's sexual orientation.

Off in New Pork City, Super64 and Lamp are confronted by a Zero Suit Samus in a bikini, who hits on Super64, but is then revealed by Lamp to be only a spam bot, who explains how he knew it by telling a story. After the story, which did not explain it at all, they are watched by a Dark Meta Knight player, working for Girem6, and notice him, causing him to teleport multiple times before Super64 KO'es him, unable to get more information. Then, while Super64 isn't looking, Lamp is KO'ed by a Dark Sheik, who talks Super64 into following her.

Back at the base, Girem6 is watching what had previously just happened, and laughs maniacally along with Grant...and Lamp? After yet another Grant-Gront conversation, Girem6 calls his guard to take Lamp away.

Later, Super64 and the Dark Sheik player are heading toward an unknown spot, as the narrator implies she's evil, and gets into a conversation with her, before she starts talking nonsense to Super64 over him guiding her, before she claims to be kidding, and that they have reached their destination: A stage with a large hole. She directs him to jump in it and he'll find 1337f0x, despite labels revealing it to be a trap portal. After a prisoner is tossed in, the Dark Sheik Sparta Kicks Super64 in, tumbling to his defeat...

Then, it is revealed that the past two minutes were in the imagination of the Dark Sheik. Super64 is ready to jump in the hole. However, Super64's trust to the Dark Sheik player causes her to have a change of heart, and stop him from falling in. She revealed the hole's dangers, then transformed into Zelda, revealing herself to be Princess H, and arguing with the narrator again. As Super64 is about to leave, she calls him back and warns him of the players in his pursuit. She then reveals to have a plan to defeat Girem6, which she'll tell him "right after I finish pausing dramatically."

Meanwhile at Girem6's holding cells, 1337f0x and Lamp are being held in a cage guarded by a Dark Pit. The Dark Pit suggests 1337f0x should log out. He does so, but logs back in and is back in the cage. The Dark Pit taunts 1337f0x and walks off. Lamp then tells 1337f0x of how he learned how to escape, which yet again, is another pointless story. 1337f0x then suggests that they change their costumes.

After a fade out, 1337f0x and Lamp have changed into Dark costumes. The Dark Pit guard comes back. 1337f0x claims to be Gront, and requests that he lets him and "Lump" free. He then does so and they leave. They traverse to another section of the holding cells, where Link is being held. 1337f0x and Lamp get up to help him get out. Once the cage is opened, he runs off. Then Girem6 shows up and takes them back. Back at the cell, Link is nearby and promises to get help, but is distracted by a shiny flying Deku Nut.

Girem6 was watching it on his monitor, before Gront calls to change the channel, which changes to "I got it BRAWL on tape!" It shows a replay of Girem6 admiring a dancing Jigglypuff. Girem6 gets angry and demands to know who sent it in, before it is revealed that Grant did it. Grant tries to deny, and Gront backs him up by noting many ways how Grant is too dumb to make the replay. Unfortunately, Grant then elaborately explains each one of the steps involved in making the replay, to prove that he isn't dumb. Too late, he realizes that he has only made his situation worse. Girem6 gets angry and chases him offscreen. Immediately after, the TV announcer reveals it was really Gront who sent it in.


  • Almost every episode contains a subliminal message promoting Nintendo or the Wii.
  • A running gag in Smashtasm is Super64's flashbacks being inaccurate, often including events that didn't occur. This has happened twice.
  • The first three episodes of the series were made using Camera Mode while the others are made using Action Replay.

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