Smashtasm BS64 is a prequel to Smashtasm created by BBsman22. As the name implies, the series takes place in Super Smash Brothers for the Nintendo 64. However, the filming is done on an N64 emulator instead of being filmed directly from a Nintendo 64.

Characters and Voice ActorsEdit

  • Jim Sterling - Blue Fat Fucking Piece of Shit - Voiced by BBsman22
  • VixxenHaxxors - Green Fox - Voiced by Ciaxsjes
  • Unknown - Green DK - Voice Not Yet Featured
  • Zelda- Green Link - Cheaterboy999
  • KingKirb - Pink Kirby - TomKitsune
  • Bubbles - Blue Jigglypuff - TaFutureBoy
  • Pimpachu - Unknown (Has been confirmed but not yet shown, assumed to be Red Pikachu) - Voice Not Yet Featured

Episode 1Edit


Little does Mega32 know, he is about to fall for the old Tournament Scheme.

The story begins at Hyrule Castle, with a blue Mario user named Mega32. He had come for a tournament, only to be attacked by an unnamed green Donkey Kong user, and sent flying. He later lands on Sector Z, to be greeted by a green female Fox user named VixxenHaxxors. Mega32 attempts to explain his story, but VixxenHaxxors takes this as a challenge, and Mega32 ends up going along with it, and they begin a match. Mega32 wins the match, and asks how he can get back to Hyrule Castle. VixxenHaxxors solves his problem by sending him flying, and Mega32 lands back on Hyrule Castle. He is greeted by a Link user named Zelda, unaware that the character's name is Link. Then, on the other side of the stage appears a Kirby user named KingKirb, and a blue Jigglypuff user named Bubbles. Zelda becomes angry at KingKirb's excessive taunting, claiming that he reported KingKirb to an admin. This admin tuned out to be a friend of KingKirb's. Bubbles then questions KingKirb, and he becomes angry, telling Bubbles that if he's really his friend, he'll taunt with him, and without another word, the two begin taunting together, and a team battle between the four of them begins.


Mega32 meets VixxenHaxxors on Sector Z.

Trivia Edit

  • It is believed that the blue Jigglypuff character, Bubbles, may have been named after the popular Cartoon Network character from The Powerpuff Girls due to the blue ribbon. The character, Bubbles is known for being the Powerpuff Girl regularly wearing blue. Also notice the word PUFF in both of their names. Jiggly - 'puff'. Power - 'puff'.
  • This is also the first video of BBsman22 made without flash and to feature other voice actors.
  • It Only Lasted 1 Episode And The Only Pilot Episode That Was Never Picked Up.

See any resemblance?

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