While Super64 and Lamp are lost in New Pork City, a texture-hacked Zero Suit Samus tries to catch them off gaurd. Despite Lamp being an idiot, he knew that the ZSS was a trap and punched it. The ZSS was revealed to be an american R.O.B. built to cause trouble. After its disguise is ruined, the Spam-Bot retreats, saying its only line:"Curses!".

Flashback Edit

Shortly after the Spam-Bot's defeat, Super64 asks Lamp how he knew: In the mushroom Kingdom, a hacked Ganondorf tells Lamp to defeat the watermelon monster(a giant false Bowser). Lamp summons Super Pikachu(a flying pikachu dress in C. Falcon's clothes). Super Pikachu easily defeats the Watermelon Monster. Ganondorf says now that Lamp must marry his daughter(a white Peach with a male voice actor).   Super64 does not know how this relates to the Spam-Bot. Lamp could have said this for comic relief.

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