Spead's the speed! Speed's my speed!

Spead is a character who will debut in Season 2 of Smashtasm, specifically Episode 5. All that is known about him currently is that he plays as Sonic's yellow costume, and that he is extremely hyper, talking quickly, and usually acting before he thinks. He was described by Shippiddge as being "Sonic on crack". He was first seen in the Smashtasm Prologue posing with Super64 briefly. He is also seen posing by himself in the Season 2 opening for Smashtasm until Snake snapped his neck (pictured). He was supposed to debut in Episode 5 where he, along with an unknown green and white Luigi player, would become a main character, but didn't.


  • He might be voicing the part in season 1 episodes talking about how Nintendo made the game.
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