"Talking to Yourself" is a Super Smash Brothers Brawl machinima short created by Shippiddge. It features Super64 speaking to a clone of himself, questioning how there are two of him, and eventually "Evil" Super64 joins the conversation, and it results in Super64 running off the side of the stage from confusion.

Fun FactEdit

  • The idea for this short came from when Shippiddge had first figured out how to hack brawl. He was inspired to make a gameplay video to show it off, but was discouraged by how many people had already done so, therefore he decided to create this machinima short.
  • For "Evil" Super64, Shippiddge had used Mario's "Emerald" costume from the final level of the "Subspace Emissary", a game mode within Super Smash Brothers Brawl.
  • EvilShippiddge claims that he's Evil Super64

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