The Chronicles of Pimpachu and Lamp is a non-canon spinoff of Smashtasm created by NEWdumbich123454321, Lamp's voice actor. The series stars Pimpachu and Lamp, and their escapades involving a group of hackers who intend to take over Smash Bros. The series ended on episode two because the voice of Pimpachu, Autobot71Ironhide, has recently gone through puberty.


So far, five characters have been featured:


  • Lamp: A purple Samus player with a heart of gold and brains of tapioca. Lamp is prone to childish behavior such as constantly shouting "YIPPEE!", repeating his name, and forgetting things that just occurred, even if he did them. Despite all of this, he is a very skilled smasher. He can count to five. Lamp is voiced by his original voice actor, NEWdumbich123454321 aka Matt Vargas
  • Pimpachu: A red hat wearing Pikachu player who is Lamp's best friend and the brains between the two. Pimpachu acts like a gangsta pimp and has the reputation and social circle to back it up. His behavior tends to annoy others though. Autobot71Ironhide, Pimpachu's voice actor from Smashtasm, reprises his role in the series.


  • Greg: The Green-Jacket Falco from Smashtasm who is back in Brawl and ready to cause more trouble with his hacks. Well, if he had access to the account he stashed them on. Unfortunately, Lamp got the account. The character is portrayed by his original voice actor, Cloudy.
  • EmoticonWolfXD: A female white wolf player and certified Smash professional, EmoticonWolfXD is Greg's sister, who he loathes and is envious of. She holds much disregard for both Greg and 1337Fox (whom she incorrectly calls leaffox), seeing them as inferior people. She sometimes says XD at the end of sentences. Her voice actress is OlderCiaxsjes
  • G.O.D.: A Blue R.O.B. player and Greg's boss. He has been behind all of the trouble Greg caused in Smashtasm. He is shown as commanding, smart, devilish, and enjoys making people suffer, even his own minions. He is voiced by NEWdumbich123454321 G.O.D apparently stands for Gigatronic Operating Demon mentioned by Shippiddge on the video's comment box.


"Greg is back, and it turns out he has been working for someone the whole time. It turns out they have a plan to take over Brawl too! But there are two users in their way, and who are they? None other than Pimpachu and Lamp!! So join them in the adventures of... The Chronicles of Pimpachu and Lamp!"- NEWdumbich123454321


Episode 1Edit

Episode 1 introduces Greg's boss and sister, G.O.D. and EmoticonWolfXD, respectively. It turns out G.O.D.'s plan was to take over Melee using Greg, which Greg failed to do. Greg reveals he has stored all of his hacks on a future account with a name and password combination nobody would ever think of in case of an emergency. But it turns out, somebody did come up with it, and is using the account. The Password: Yippee. The username: Lamp.

Episode 2Edit

Pimpachu gets hit by a car so Lamp teams up with Narrator and goes to a dance with EmoticonWolf.

Brawl relationsEdit

Shippiddge also stated that Greg has not been able to log in to Smashtasm-Brawl. Possible the series may be at halt until further episodes of Smashtasm season 2.

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