(At the ocean.)

Super64: So, I asked you, again. Who is Greg?

Greg: Hehe, it goes a head lead tells 'em who I am.

1337f0x: (groans)

(1337f0x jumps over Super64 and he speaks leat.)

1337f0x: (speaking Leat. English version: "Pardon me, but might I inquire to ask why you are here?")

Greg: (speaking Leat. English version: "On the countrary, my fierce competitor, did you truly believe that you would be able to best my person with such great ease? I must tell you, old chap, that it is not a very easy task for a person like you to accomplish. So says I.")

1337f0x: (speaking Leat. English version: "By the heaven! I declare you a cheater! How else could such an occurrence take place? I suggest to meet your fatality!")

Greg: (speaking Leat. English version: "Hah. I laugh at you. For I surely am a great and worthy foe. One that is unable to be bested by unworthy fools such as you, old chap. In other words, I am telling you that I have the confidence to feel like I cannot be beaten.")

Super64: (with Leat words, "0|<...VV7|=r|_|5@y1/V6?!") Okay, I can understand this less then I can understand anything you say. (without the Leat subtitles) Is this some sort of setup?

1337f0x: Greg is my arch rival.

Super64: Huh?

1337f0x: And all goes is back to two months ago, Greg here use to be my partner.

(Flashback begins, but it was interupted by Super64.)

Super64: Wait a minute. Are you about to tell a story?

1337f0x: Uh.......yeah.

Super64: 1337f0x, I can barely understand what you're trying to say as it is. I really don't want to sit for you talking for that long.

1337f0x: (clear throuts) Fine, then. I'll just have to speak regually. So, anyway, it all started two months ago, Greg here use to be my partner.

(Flashbacks begins, but it was interupted by Super64 again.)

Super64: Hold on!

1337f0x: Will you stop interupting my flashbacks?

Super64: If you can speak English the whole time, then why do you always speak Leat?

1337f0x: Are you kiddin'? The fans loves you, when I'm talking Leat.

Super64: The fans?

Finish it.

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