TomKitsune is the maker and director of the "Smash Fighter." A Machinima that is "fucking fantastic." He has included Super64 as a cameo appearance in it. Vice versa, Shippiddge has included Tom as a cameo in Smashtasm Season 2 Episode 3, in which he is hurled into a bottomless pit by a Donkey Kong player. Currently, Tom's "Smash Fighter" series is on it's 2nd Season. The lastest episode (Episode 5 of season 2) is currently being hostedby With new plots, characters and adventures, and all that same Smash Fighter randomness. Tom voices in the many different machinima including "Gears No More" made by DexterBoy124 and "Smashtasm_BS64" made by BBSman22. Tom is in love with cake and was once made into a cake. His voice will make you jizz about 50 times in one Smash Fighter sitting.

Tom is also a very inspirational gentlemen. All the ladies love him (even the cute ones). Born on a farm, Tom struggled to buy a wii. Each day and night Tom would play pikmin, This is where tom begins to create his madness towards olimar (Main character in Pikmin 1 and Pikmin 2. Currently Main antagonist in Smash Fight) It is rumored that Tom has a 36 packed, but more is being studied.


  • Tom is in College.
  • Held a contest as a diversion from season 2, but due to his Wii being left at home, it was incredibly late.
  • Tom prefers that his name have a space between Tom and Kitsune, but due to Youtube's "no characters other than letters and numbers" policy, Tom had to write it as TomKitsune.
  • Tom is currently working on a new series, but no name or plot has been shared about it.
  • Tom is NOT D-Mac Double, but someone insists on changing it and giving Tom undeserved credit.
  • In the time that Shippiddge was in Germany, he gave Tom temporary control of his channel to inform Shipp's fans of the release of Smashtasm Season 2 Episode 3.
  • Bryce will never be as cool as Tom O' Grady. Never.
  • Matt Vargas and Tom are currently dating.
  • Has much experience crossing the street.
  • Hates being called Samus.
  • Tom currently lives in his wii console.
  • Everytime tom blinks, there is a supernova in another dimen
    • Tom's mother.
    • Cool Tom. Tom Kitsune Created by Tom O'Grady.
    • Tom's famous logo.
    • Toooucan featuring Tom O'Grady.

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