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Title Undefined
Gender Male
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Status Unknown

Undefined is a mysterious user that is mainly found in Smashtasm Stream. He kicks people with no warning and he is not seen in the stream. There also used to be a user called Undefined, but his account was suspended. There are many people claim that Undefined is Com who is a hacker, but Undefined is really a mod that kicks people in secret.


Undefined is a mod who comes to the Stream and then goes to the Admin Room, leaves the stream, and then kicks in secret. It is unknown why he is doing this. Many people stated it was for revenge or power abuse, but it is mostly power abuse. The reason why it is not Com is because a witness user named "mario64123" saw Com get kicked by Undefined and many other users even saw spammers getting kicked by Undefined, which means Undefined will kick almost anybody and he will not kick at least 1 or 2 just keeping them as hostages. The 3 prime suspects on who Undefined could be are either Matt Vargas, Rewile or Pictocheat , but for now we don't know.

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