Vital statistics
Title VixxenHaxxors
Gender Female
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VixxenHaxxors is an allie of mega32. She fought him when he landed in her server. She later helped him get back to Hyrule Temple. Her whereabouts are currently unknown.



VixxonHaxxors and Mega32


When Mega32 was blasted away from Hyrule Castle by an unnamed green Donkey Kong player, he landed in the Sector Z stage, where VixxenHaxxors hung out. She questioned why he was there, but when Mega32 tried to explain his story, she took it as a challenge. Mega32, knowing absolutely nothing about the game, just jumped around and avoided VixxenHaxxors. Fortunately for him, she dropped the controller and fell off the stage. When he asks how he can get back to Hyrule Castle, she promptly sends him flying. Her current whereabouts are unknown.



"I dropped my controller... stupid game."


  • It is believed she could be the older sister of 1337Fox, as she is shown to be as skillful as him, as well as using Default Fox. She also shares the same position in the series.
  • A vixen is a female fox, but even after this people still thought Ciaxjes was a guy.

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