Volcanicity is a Smashtasm Extra, parodying the famous Volvic ad. Super64 acts in place of Mr. Volcano, while Tyrannosaurus Alan is a Yellow Yoshi. It was the second Smashtasm Extra to be filmed in Brawl, right after "Knock Knock!" Super64 is once again voiced by the Shippiddge and Tyrannosaurus Alan is voiced by XfunGuyx . In this, Super64 decides to lunch fire balls into the water to make it extremely hot. Super64 then warns Tyrannosaurus Allen not to drink the water. Not caring, the Alan drinks it anyway. Then he says Ah! I'm Tyrannosaurus Alan and my throught is burning and hurts real badly!!The short ends with the quote, "Fireball filtered so it's full of burning pain."

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