WARNING! CONTAINS SPOILERS!!! Zelda is a character from Smashtasm BS64.

"Zelda's name in Japanese."

He has a pun on his name: Despite his name being Zelda, he uses the character Link. Even though Zelda was not in the original Super Smash Bros., the reason the player's name is Zelda is because he believes that Link's name is Zelda, and that Link is his Japanese name. This is a reference to how the series is not named after the main character (Link), but rather the princess (Zelda). It's possible he is an more intelligent relative of Link.

In the first episode, he met Mega32, and then encountered KingKirb and Bubbles. Zelda is just as annoyed by KingKirb just as much as Link is annoyed of his cousins. He prepared to fight against them with Mega32.

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